Flocare Aloe Vera Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream 100gm with Jojoba, Green Apple, Shea Butter - Amazing Glowing Natural Skin- All Purpose Skincare Cream


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  • Intense hydration with 24hr moisture lock
  • Amazing glowing natural skin
  • Easy absorption, No oily feel

INTENSE HYDRATION MOISTURIZING CREAM: Contains organic aloe vera and moisturizing oils for your face and skin; 24 Hr Hydration

AMAZING GLOWING NATURAL SKIN: Jojoba oil, Green Apple extract, Shea butter, and vitamin E help to improve skin tone resulting in healthy, moisturized, hydrated, glowing, natural, and blushing skin.

EASY ABSORPTION: Advanced formula spreads easily on the skin and gets absorbed quickly to nourish your skin and regenerate skin cells. No oily feel, No stickiness, For daily use.

LOVEING SKIN: Effective natural and active ingredients. You will love your skin like never before.

SAFE: Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, No skin irritation, All skin types, For women and men, Unisex.